Leaving Tianjin by Train

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Today we had an early morning with little sleep. The majority of the group spent last night at a karaoke bar (KTV) from 12 am to 5 am. Almost all of us we're operating on little to no sleep at all, so a 7 hour train ride was not the most favorable activity for the day. The only thing that kept us going was the eventual destination of Shanghai.

Before we boarded the train we gave our goodbyes to our program coordinators Jason and Lisa. Both of them were really nice people and I think the future groups will enjoy participating in the program with them. Each train car/room had about three students in it; I was riding with my roommate Ross and also Evan. The activities in our car ranged from to sleep to.. sleep. The cars were not exactly designed for a five star nap, so it was interesting to see the various positions we were in while trying get some sleep. As we arrived in Wuxi a lot the group was feeling the soreness from sleeping in our tight quarters. There was a lot of great scenery along the way, but I wasn't exactly conscious to enjoy it. I hope I have a little bit more sleep the night before, before I go on a train ride similar to this one.

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