Oriental Pearl Tower

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Today we went to the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai. The pearl tower was built in 1995, back then you could see the pearl tower from far away. Now Shanghai is full of skyscrapers but you can still point out the pearl tower because of its unique architecture. A group of us went to the TV tower in Tianjin, I was really glad that I went to two of the biggest TV towers in China. I liked how I got to compare the too. The tower in Shanghai was a lot higher in the air but it was also smoggier the day we went. When we went to the TV tower in Tianjin it was very clear which made the experience even better. I really liked how the Pearl Tower is located by Huangpu River because it was so beautiful. I was really impressed with all the structures in the Shanghai area. We went on a night cruise on the Huangpu River, I thought a lot of the buildings had European feel. I didn't realize how many skyscrapers there are in China, especially Shanghai. And they are still continuing to build. My favorite part of the Pearl Tower was one of the observation decks, it was the deck that wasn't the higher point but still very high and it had a glass floor. It's crazy how scary it actually was! Lying down on the glass to take a picture was really scary because it felt like you were going to fall.

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