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Today we all presented our presentations we have been working on. My group went first this morning and I feel we did a fair job at presenting what we have learned to the class. My groups topic was Spring Festival also known as the Chinese New Year. This was a very interesting topic because I knew almost nothing about it. I have heard about some festivals going on celebrating it back in america but never knew what it was for. The most surprising thing I learned is that it is 15 days long which people take off school and work for. Many activities are scheduled for all the days including my favorite, the lanterns. I can only imagine how amazing it would be to be here during those special days. Not only did I learn all about the Chinese new year but I also learned for all the other students. I learned about marriage in china which is something I may not have ever known much about if it wasn't for that presentation. It was interesting to know some of the traditions they still have and use in todays weddings in china. I also learned more about the sports of china and why they fit in with their culture. It helps me understand whats acceptable and whats not in china such as high contact sports. The food presentation was alot interesting but it made me to hungry to pay attention. In america we have different foods for different regions and it is the same in china. Some areas like spicy food more than others just like back home. Overall today was a huge in class learning experience of culture that may take longer to learn in the real world. It is nice to get an overview of things before experiencing them.

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