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Today we finally arrived in Shanghai and ate dinner at a rather unique restaurant. After dinner we got checked into our hotel and started preparing ourselves for the Club Joe was bringing us to. Joe told us that the club was called Muse 2 and it was one of the top three clubs in Shanghai. After riding the subway we arrived at the club and Joe had already reserved to VIP tables for us which was awesome. Shortly after we arrived and sat down the waiters brought out some whiskey, champagne, and some beer. The club was rather expensive but I wasn't too surprised because it was an amazing spot to party. After we ran out of the drinks for everyone a few others from the group and I split a bottle which ended up costing 880 between the five of us. It was well worth it, I could not have had a better time. The women performing were absolutely amazing and the music was great. A few of us ended up meeting the owner and he shared some of his extremely expensive liquor with us which definitely surprised me. He was very friendly and seemed to enjoy our company. I had an amazing time at Muse 2 and would definitely like to go back if I ever return to Shanghai.

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