Shanghai Nightclub

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Tonight we were very fortunate to have our tour guide take us out to one of the night clubs in Shanghai. The night club was very nice! When you go to night clubs in China, you have to reserve a table and buy alcohol to be able to sit at that table. Our tour guide did all that stuff for us and we would just have to pay him back. Before we went out our tour guide taught us a few popular games in China. The most popular game was called BS (Bullsh**) aka Liar's Dice, we played that for a while and got the hang of it rather quickly. I looked around the club and I saw that everyone was playing these games. We went to the club pretty early and when we arrived, at all the tables there were girls sitting at the tables with friends. Our tour guide said that this is very common. Single girls will come to the clubs with their single friends and play games. They will wait for men to come to the club to join them. When a guy or guys join the girls at the table they are always supposed to bring them something typically a drink. The bar scene is a lot different in the United States. I haven't really been to many nightclubs in the United States because I have heard that the ones in Minnesota aren't that fun so I don't know much about the clubbing scene. Most people in the United States go to the bars. Our tour guide told us that you have to be very wealthy to go to the bars. One guy that we met he was the CEO of a big real estate company, so clearly he was making good money.

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