Shanghai Science and Technology Museum

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Today we visited the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. I had no idea what to expect and I was blown away by how cool this place was. The museum had a total of 13 exhibitions. My favorite ones included the World of Robots, Human and Health, Information Era, Animal Hall and Spiders Exhibition. There was so much information to learn and absorb, I could have spent the whole day at this museum. The first exhibition we went to was the Animal Hall. This had life size figures of animals from all around the world. There four different sections of animals: African, Asian-Euro, Australian, and North American. The World of Robots was also very interesting. One part of this exhibition you could mix up a rubrics cube, give it to a robot, the robot would look over the entire cube and have the cube solved within one minute. Another robot station had a robot shooting a bow and arrow exactly on a bull eyes, while students could compete with the robot to see if they could hit the bull eyes. The Human and Health exhibition was very interesting. We could participate in some activities; including boxing, soccer, ping pong or biking. There was also "A Journey through the Body" ride to learn about the digestive system that I went on. It would have been more interesting if it was in English. The entire museum was beautiful inside and out and I learned a lot about so many different things while I was there.

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