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Today in Shanghai we got to visit a silk factory. Something that I learned instantly was that silk was made from a silk worm. I had heard of silk worms before but for some reason had never came to the conclusion that silk worms made silk. For some reason I thought they ate silk. This was surprising as I am not a fan of bugs so it was very interesting to learn something gross helped make something so beautiful. Our guide also helped so us the differences between silk and counterfeit polyester versions. When blowing on silk you should be able to feel the air go through and when lit on fire silk will not continue to burn and will have ash, while polyester will continue to burn and melt and will not have any ash. We also learned that there are differences in silk by the different seasons because the silk worms feed on different quality of vegetation. They way silk is harvested is from the silk worms cocoon. It take hundreds of cocoon's to make any products and I think it takes 700 to make a sheet. At the factory we got to see how the cocoons were taken apart to create silk thread and then assembled to create blankets. The whole process was absolutely amazing and how much work it can take to make a sheet, scarf, or tie. I was surprised that some ties cost as little as $16 as I feel so much work is put into that the price could be much higher. After spending so much time at the silk factory I feel I have a much better understanding of silk and will be better able to differ real silk products from counterfeit versions.

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