Silk Factory

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Today we went to a Silk Factory in Suzhou. We first had a little tour on how silk is even made and then we got a fashion show about some items and then last we got to visit the gift shop. I thought the fashion show was very interesting because it made me felt very exclusive. This was my first fashion show and I'm glad it was in China. I never knew how silk was made, so this was very interesting experience. I also never knew the difference between real silk and the fake stuff. My favorite part of this experience was holding the silk worms. I would have never thought that I would like holding a worm but I really did, they were so soft!! My aunt really loves fabric so I wanted to make sure I brought her back some real silk. I bought her one meter of fabric and I know she appreciate it very much. I wanted to buy a lot more gifts at the gift shop but the silk was a little expensive. I also wanted to get a black silk robe for myself and believe it or not, they didn't have one! They only had long ones, I was really surprised. I knew it wasn't going to be super cheap because it was real silk but I was a little disappointed with the selection. I probably should have gotten something for myself just to say I got something there.

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