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Today we traveled around the city of Suzhou and went on a few fun boat rides. We also got to visit a very famous garden, which was very beautiful. Suzhou reminded of a Venice in China. We took a boat ride through the canals which were surrounded by buildings and homes. It was much different than the other cities we had been to in China, and I thought it was a lot nicer. It is said to be the home of Chinese girls with the softest lips and skin. I got a hand stitched picture of the garden as well.
This garden held the tombs of a few different famous ancient Chinese, even a famous prostitute. In my opinion, this was the most beautiful garden that we had been to in China. It was very well groomed and people were even cleaning it while we were there. Suzhou was a fun time and I wish we could've stayed longer to explore more of the unique city.

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