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While abroad in China I was introduced to China's extensive tea culture. I had never drank tea before as I thought it would be like Brisk Ice Tea I tried when I was a child and didn't like. I also always thought tea originated with the British, not the Chinese. First in Beijing we were introduced to China's main 6 different types of tea. My favorites were green tea and the fruit tea. I really have enjoyed the tea we've had in China and Dr. Li says he likes tea more than coffee. I would really like to see if I can replace all the coffee I drink with tea as tea is much better for you. I'm really surprised that the tea culture in America isn't very popular as it is ridiculously huge in China. Our coffee culture is like China's tea culture. I people drinking tea everywhere. On our train from Tianjin to Wuxi I say a gentleman with a large mayonnaise size jar full of tea with a large amount of green tea leaves at the bottom. While in Tianjin we went to a tea shop and they let us sample some of their tea. While on the Chinese Ancient Culture street a shop owner shared some of their green tea with us. Its really been nice getting to try so much tea.

I really like how tea is so good for you. We learned that while the green tea is hot and steaming you can open your eye above the tea and the moisture from the tea is good for you eyes. Our guide at the Dragonwell production site told us that green tea leaves are rich in antioxidants and are good at cleaning out the body. We learned that its also healthy to eat the tea leaves at the end. I was most surprised to find out that green tea did give me a little bit of energy. I really want to try green tea back in America and see if it can help get me started in the morning.

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