The Last Day of China

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China Day 28 (Shanghai-Chicago-Minneapolis)

Today was our last day in China. It's hard to believe that this trip is already over. They say that as you get older time seems to go by quicker and quicker, and my China experience seems to be an accurate reflection of this saying. We were supposed to get on the bus at 9 AM this morning, however, my roommate and I slept through our alarm and were awoken by Dahui at 10 AM. I was shocked when I realized this and swiftly gathered my things to get on the bus. Before going to the airport, our group went to a shopping mall. This was a pretty cool mall and I ended up buying a few more pairs of Ray Ban sunglasses for my family, as well as a Mario and Luigi figure for myself. After our hour at the shopping mall we went to have our last Chinese meal. We went to a seemingly high class restaurant and the food was incredible. I think I will really miss the food here. That and a lot more. After lunch we took off for the airport. Surreal. We said goodbye to Joe and, soon thereafter, our professor as we eventually went to our gate back to the United States. The flight from Shanghai to Chicago felt like it took forever and I was very restless the entire time. I think I got sick from being on the plane (just a cold). After arriving in Chicago we had a three hour layover until we could board the plane to Minneapolis. This ended up being more like a four hour layover until we finally got on the plane. Once the plane took off it had to fly around over Eau Clair, Wisconsin because of the storms in Minneapolis. The captain announced that the flight had to be diverted and at this point I was livid. Too much plane for one day. We flew back to Chicago, they refueled the plane, and finally we were cleared to land in Minneapolis. We got there at around 1 AM when we were supposed to get in at just under 10 PM. I don't think I've felt so tired , hungry, dirty, and just plain glad to be standing up in my life. One thing I noticed immediately once I got outside... the air is so much fresher here. I could see the sky! It's good to be home but I am thinking I will need another go-around in China at some point.

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