Three Kingdoms City

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Tuesday morning we spent in Wuxi, China where we toured Three Kingdoms City. An old TV series, The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, was filmed there. Since the TV series, the city has been used for a couple different movies and a tourist attraction spot. We watched a horse show where men were dressed as warriors and fought against each other on their horses. These men did many different tricks and were very talented. After the performance, we walked around down to the Lake Tai, where we went on a boat ride on one of the boats used in the TV series. Tuesday was one of the hottest days we have had so far in China, so the boat ride on the lake felt very nice. After the boat ride, we continued to walk around some more and some students dressed up in costumes and got their pictures taken. We did not spend much time in Wuxi, but I thought it was a beautiful city. With a population of 6 million, it is smaller than Beijing, with a better quality of air and a lot more free land and trees.

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