Thursday may 31st iKEA

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Today was our last day of official class and by far my was also the day for our big field trip to IKEA.
In class we learned about the sotck market my favorite topic in business and economics. Our professor. YUe Qi. who actually got his PH.D from Georgia. was showing us different trends in the stock market and due to the recent debockle going on in Europe with Greece now is a ery bad time to invest he says to way to it sinks then start investing.After class we we got ready and headed to IKEA.
Kind of like in the United states IKea Is lieka hughe shopping center. It was so Interesting however to see that prices of the furniture adn other products were not all that much cheaper than those in the Unites State. The best thing I Would have to say is probably how they set up little cubicle shapes to show what a typical Chinese family living qquarters looks like.It was so Intersting to see how much they could out in their and stil make it very comfortable. We then went to the food center theri, and I had to have some of their swedish meatballs. DELICIOUS.
Overall today was another great day , But I can start to feel our stay here in Tianjin coming to a close.

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