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I went to the water park with a few of my classmates today on our free day. It was pretty crowded and a lot different from water/ amusement parks in the United States. When I heard "water park" I figured there would be a pool, a bunch of slides, and other water based amusement to go on. This was not the case. There were man- made ponds and lakes along with well groomed gardens. There were a few rides scattered throughout the park but nothing like I was expecting. We went on the biggest roller coaster there, which cost 50 yuan per person. It was fun at the beginning but was a pretty rough ride and ended up not being very enjoyable. We walked around the park and looked at the buildings, many of which were modeled like the temple of heaven. There were paddle boats you could rent but they were too expensive. All in all, I was glad that I came to see the water park.

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