Wednesday May30 th Tai Chi

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Today was yet agian another great day . There a re few main things that really stood out. the first was our lecture the other one was an afternoon of doing Tai Chi. During class we learned about Chinese management methodology and philosophy. It was very Difficult to understand the lecture. The teacher spoke very good english. it was the fact that to try to transltae some of the traditional chinese cutlres,and philosiphiies from hundreds if not thousands of years ago is not an easy task. The professor. Anthang Qi Broke down what we call the ying yang, and told us how everything is divided into male or female. It was very intersting And I plan to coem back to china, and study more about it. For the Tai Chi, I thought it couldnt be that hard. Was I in for a surprise. Some of the stretches and movements that go along with it are just so finese. Its ike an art form. I really want to join a Tai Chi class when I get back to the United states

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