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Tonight in Wuxi I have stumbled upon a wonderful little surprise. It was around 9pm and we weren't sure if we should get some good sleep or check out the city some since. I easily convinced myself to stay up late walking the streets because sleep really doesnt matter when your in China, Ill sleep when i'm home. It was also our only night in Wuxi so it was obvious we would regret a night of well rest. Even the look our the window was incredible because it was a much different city than we were used too. We could see many lights for some distance that trailed right passed our hotel on the busy street we sat on. Looking down at the street stood a large building completely lit up by some sort of projection that turned the entire side of the building into a large screen that played different advertisements. Next to that sad a busy looking ktv and from those two buildings alone it looked like day out from all the light pollution. I got outside with Brian and we walked passed these buildings. They watched us as we walked through them to a park we could see from a distance. This park turned out to be a beautiful lake walk in the middle of the city that acted as some sort of getaway. The park also used many lights but in a different way. Lights were on everything from the sidewalk to the buildings and even on the bridges and trees. It was not overwhelming by any means, the light use made the lake into a romantic getaway and I was there with Brian. We had a blast still taking pictures like crazy. The few couples walking around must have thought we were kids in a candy shop. We walked down to the water and it was very sad to see how nasty it is everywhere. I know a little canal in the middle of a city shouldn't be the cleanest thing in the world but it was too gross for me to even put my feet in. There were a few men fishing from a distance but I don't know if any fish could even survive. It's crazy how much we take our fresh water for granted sometimes. The first thing I do when I get home is take a long swim in one of our beautiful lakes.

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