Bullet Train

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This was the first train I have ever road on. The ride was incredibly smooth. We would be traveling at speeds up to 160 plus miles per hour and you really didn't notice it. What and efficient way to travel, I wish we had a train like this going from Duluth to the Twin Cities. My favorite train ride was from Tianjin to Wuxi. The night before we had stayed out all night with the Chinese students at KTV singing karaoke and I was dog tired when I got on the train. I had been assigned to a cabin without any of my peers. This worked out great, at first I has trying to catch some rest so I put my head against the window of the train and shut my eyes. I was not able to really fall asleep and when I opened my eyes a couple of friendly Chinese ladies were sitting across from me. We instantly struck conversation; even though we had a language barrier we were able to hold our conversation for several hours. We did this with our limited knowledge of each other's language and many pieces of paper. We talked about everything under the sun, where we lived, what we liked to do, our families, jobs, what we aspired to do, and many other things. The lady that I talked to the longest was a professor at the University of Ninjing. This lady helped me order food on the train and when I tried to pay she had already beat me to it. We sat down together and had lunch, she was incredibly friendly. Everybody in the cart with me was very open to me and showed great hospitality.

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