Last Day in China

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Today was a very exciting but also sad day. It is our last day in China so we all knew that we had to go hard and make it count. A couple kids from the group and I walked around Shanghai for the last time and tried to decide on something that would top the night off. Everyone from the group decided that it would be a good idea to go to the Sky Club. A few kids form the group had already been there and told us that it was 100 yuan for all you could drink. We had already taken the subway to a different club with Joe so we had a little experience when it came down to us traveling by ourselves. The club was a lot nicer than I had expected and was pretty similar to other clubs we had been to in Tianjin. The bar was constantly full but I think we all had our fair share of free drinks. Like other clubs, Sky club had some pretty incredible dancers and played mostly American music. We stayed out extremely late and realized it was time to head back, after a Mcdonalds run of course. We then headed back to the hotel dreading the morning to come. I was nowhere near ready to leave China. I had the greatest time I have ever had in my life and met some amazing people.

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