Last day in Tianjin

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Today was a rather depressing day, our last day in Tianjin. Zach was kind enough to buy one last dinner at the Korean restaurant for the entire group. We met up at the restaurant with the group and the Chinese students that we had been studying with. I was a little skeptical at first because the last time I ate at this restaurant I got pretty sick and had to leave dinner early. Everything turned out this time and we had a wonderful dinner. Towards the end of dinner we exchanged our gifts with the Chinese students and said our goodbyes. Many of the Chinese students had never tried the candy I brought from the U.S. It was funny to watch them react after trying the candy. I definitely was not looking forward to leaving Tianjin. We were there long enough to finally start knowing our way around the city and some of the people who lived there. I had a wonderful time in Tianjin and really hope that I am able to make it back to the city sometime in the future.

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Its interesting to hear from students that have stayed in Tianjin, especially since it havent got as fancy a reputation as for example Beijing .. This is the first post i have read on your blog, but will definetely have a closer look at some of the early post you've made in here!

Martin, Forbrugslån, Denmark

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