Tea Culture

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Tea is to China what coffee is to the United States, except more extreme. During our time in China we have visited many tea houses and shops. The first one we visited was in Beijing it was a lot more than I expected. Every tea seemed to have a different meaning and was used at different times and for different traditions. We were introduced to the proper customs for drinking each tea. My two favorite parts were watching the flower tea unfold from a ball into a beautiful flower, and the pee boy. The pee boy is a ceramic figure that the host poured water on the it shot a steady flow all over the table and sprayed everyone, it was really funny I had never seen that before. After we all had tried each tea they brought us out to the shop. The pottery and ceramic cups were really nice, but really over priced we found out later that we could by these same pieces out in the markets for a fraction of the price.

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