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I really enjoyed reading this guide to customs and culture in China. I feel as though it encompassed all of the important things one would need to know in their travels to China. I started reading this book right before we left on our trip and wish I would've started it earlier because of all of its beneficial tips. The book started by describing the land and the people. It talked about the history of China, the environment, and the growth of the new cities. It also taught me very important facts about values and attitudes in China, which I found to be much different than here in America. This part of the book included morals, Chinese philosophy, the meaning of yin and yang, and even guanxi, which we learned about in our classes.
The book also outlined religion, rituals, and festivals in China. I learned about birthdays and weddings and was able to compare them to the U.S. Of most importance to me, this book taught me about business and communicating. I learned negotiating techniques and was able to use them while over in China in the marketplace which I thought was very cool. I was very interested in this section of the book because it all related directly to my major. They described in great detail China's entry into the World Trade Organization and their transforming business culture. I was able to apply these concepts throughout the trip as we learned about business operations at companies such as Lishen Battery and TEDA Hospital. This book was a great tool for me and helped me gain a better understanding for Chinese culture. This book, along with the firsthand experience I was getting while on the trip, coordinated well together to provide a great benefit for me. I would highly recommend anyone who plans on traveling to China to first read this guide as it will make China an easier place to understand and visit.

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