Water Park

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Today a few of us from the group decided that it would be a nice day to go check out the waterpark. When we got to the bus stop we were a little confused but fortunately a local was there to tell us which bus to take to get to the waterpark. When we arrived I was expecting to see a bunch of waterslides and a pool. The first thing I saw was a rollercoaster and immediately we all knew we needed to try it out. The rollercoaster was super intense and crazy at first. Towards the middle of the ride there was a bump in the track that hurt all of us guys in a pretty bad way. We were all hurting when we got off the ride and decided to walk it off and explore the park. The park was made up of a bunch of different lakes/ponds and many islands. There were some very beautiful sites and we wanted to rent a paddleboat so we could go further but it was too expensive. The waterpark was very beautiful and a lot different than I expected. After a couple hours we had seen enough and decided to head back to the hotel.

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