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3 Things I Want To Learn

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I had posted this earlier but I'm not sure if it ever made it to the main page, so here it is again..

1. I want to learn about the differences between economic thinking in China versus the thinking in the United States.
2. I also want to learn more about the Chinese culture.
3. Finally, I want to learn about the differences between business practices in China relative to the United States.

3 things i want to learn

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I posted the three things I wanted to learn a long time ago but for some reason it didn't save or I did it wrong.

1. First off, I am very interested in learning about how Chinese business and economy works and how it is similar and different from the way we do things her in the U.S

2.Second, I would like to learn more about Chinese culture and where/how it originated. I am eager to learn about modern but also older and ancient Chinese ways of life.

3. Lastly, I want to learn more about how China is effecting the world as a whole today.

Long but worth it flight 5/14-5/15

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I arrived at the air port about 3pm to begin the process of boarding. When waiting for our plane all of the students went to the restaurant that was close by to chillax and socialize before our trip. After a short flight to Chicago we took the plane that was the long haul to china about 12 hours. Luckily during the flight we were able to watch movies, sleep, and eat plane food. After the flight we met up with Dr. Li so we could take a ride to our hotel to unpack and unwind.

Three Things I Want to Learn

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1. I want to learn about and understand the current Chinese culture as a whole. I want to observe the differences between our culture in theirs in communication, relationships, food, etc... I really just want to experience a culture that is completely different than ours, as I think it could change my perception of life.

2. I want to learn about the history of Chinese landmarks and artifacts. China has a very rich history, and I think the opportunity to learn different things about their history is endless. The fact that we able to see and touch some of the historic landmarks will the experience of learning about them that more exciting.

3. I want to learn and observe the role of financial analysts and planners in China. I would like to see if there are any differences in terms strategies and procedures, and whether it makes any more or less effective than the strategies we are currently being taught.

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