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About this blog...Conversations about Emerging Learning Environments

Who are the UMN DMC Faculty Fellows?
The University of Minnesota Office of Information Technology's Digital Media Center (DMC) Faculty Fellowship Program annually selects a group of Twin Cities campus instructors to work on projects that employ technologies in order to enhance student learning. The 2008 - 2009 cohort, representing Public Affairs, Family Social Science, Education, Rhetoric, and Medicine will be working with DMC experts in educational technology, evaluation, and pedagogy over the course of the next 18 months to design and implement projects using emerging learning environments. Most importantly, the cohort will be looking to enhance student learning within these environments.

Why a blog?
Members of the DMC Faculty Fellowship are passionate about enhancing and accelerating student learning and retention. But, we are diverse in our levels of familiarity and experience with, and understanding and (frankly), acceptance of, ever-evolving technologies. As such, this blog started by the 2008 - 2009 cohort will record the thoughts and honest reflections about the opportunities, surprises, and struggles that surface, foreseen and unforeseen, in the process of our learning to use new tools and to employ emerging learning will reflect our learning from each other, from various University decision-makers, and from local experts in emerging learning environments whom we meet in the course of our Fellowship and as our projects take shape.

The current Fellowship group also has been charged by University of Minnesota Office of Information Technology to contemplate and suggest answers to the question, "What does the University of Minnesota need to do in order to become a leader in emerging learning environments such as mobile technologies, immersive environments (e.g., Croquet and Second Life), and Active Learning Classrooms?" To enrich the conversation, we invite Fellowship alumni, other faculty exploring educational technologies, administrators working to support faculty, etc. to share their observations, comments, insights and experiences.

In that respect, our hope is that this blog resource will be helpful to others who share in the dual passions of enhancing student learning and technology-driven emerging learning environments and that it will have a life beyond the 2008 - 2009 DMC Faculty Fellows.

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