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The success of the Volunteer Stream Monitoring Partnership depends on the accuracy of information that we collect. This presents a challenge given the diversity of experience and knowledge amongst our volunteers who range from high schools students to working professionals, as well as retirees. When we began the program in 1999 the rate of accuracy varied immensely, but for some groups was a discouraging 50 percent correct. Development of a printed guide that includes information keys and line drawings helped bring the rate up to approximately 80 percent. The Chironomidae Research Group and I began to develop Web-based materials as a supplement to the print guide. We have developed Version 1, which consists of an extensive online catalog of photographs organized according to the scientific classification system. Eventually Version 2 of the Web site will also help volunteers learn to verify their findings. I hope that the combination of the printed guide and Version 2 of the Web site will increase the identification accuracy rate among Citizen Volunteers to 95 percent.