May 2, 2007

The project is designing one module in the Professional Identity course that is part of a new, entry-level master's occupational therapy curriculum. The curriculum was designed using a hybrid format that has increasing gradation of face-to-face, center-based learning as the student moves through the four-semester didactic program. There are two center sites, 90 miles apart, with the plan to create additional educational centers around the state.

The fifteen-week course, Professional Identity: Behaviors and Attitudes, contains four units: 1. The profession and the professional, 2. Self-exploration, 3. Ethics, 4. Interprofessional teams. The project focus is on one module in the self-exploration unit that serves as a model for the structure and use of technology in the other modules. Other than one face-to-face, six-hour session on self-awareness in the seventh week, the course is entirely in an online format.