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Cruising the Blogosphere

Now that there are some 35 million blogs and over 30 million people who read blogs, one can safely say there is a blog out there for everyone.

Here is your assignment:

1. Open Google Blogsearch. (This link opens in a new window).
2. Use the search field to find a blog related to your field of study, or one of your interests.
3. Take some time to read a blog or two. Take note of how many comments they receive, whether or not they use a blog roll, and anything else that seems interesting.
4. Post a comment to this entry with the URL of blog you read and a few words about what it is.
5. Want to search locally? Try searching UThink for the same keywords, and see what comes up!


very personal and interesting comments

I found this site describing someone's visit to Afton State Park. The blog seems to be an interesting site on this person's travels. Links to official sites of the locations are also included, so it is a helpful read if you are interested in going to those places.


Blog about sock-knitting. Personal info, diary-type chronicle of her knitting and what else she was doing while knitting her 155th pair of socks. Page also includes a calendar and a column of links to other knitting sites as well as archives of the site by month.

This blog looks good to me!


Did a search for training border collies and it came to an article about it written by an everyday person, but then going to the home pages of Hubpages I found more general postings that offered people to comment back and forth.


Alright so this is a true and blue blog pahe for dugeons and dragons.

A fun culinary website:


This is a blog about Harry Potter books. It looks good and pretty detail.

If you are a color lover, you must like this blog!


Personal experience learning ballroom dance.


This is the blog for a second year Canadian Medical student. It is good except for his excessive "Latinization" of words.