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Social Bookmarking: A del.icio.us Potluck

Social bookmarking involves the use of Web-based tools to save, organize and share bookmarked Web pages and sites. The purpose of this exercise, and the discussion that follows, is to familiarize you with some of the elements of social bookmarking and to explore its educational potential.

1. Follow this link to the del.icio.us account I have created for this course. Log in using the following username (not case sensitive) and password:

username: DMCWeb2.0
password: social3

2. Add bookmarks:

Search within del.icio.us to find a link to any food-related page or Web site: you might look for individual recipes, Web sites with recipe collections, food blogs, Web sites on particular types of cooking.

When you've found something you'd like to bookmark, click on "save this." A new page will open, one that includes spaces to add notes and tags. Add one or two tags; add notes if you wish. Save your bookmark.

Do you have any comments on the educational potential of social bookmarking? Questions? Please post them below.