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Attributions and Sources

The story I looked at was the Star Tribune story about the gun shots heard at the Target Center on Sept. 16.

Total, there are four sources of information, the witness, the Minneapolis Police and their spokesperson, the Target Center's web site, and a spokesperson for the Target Center. The story is front-loaded with information from the witness, Jeff Wichern. A few graphs down, the writer uses the police's information from the spokesperson, Sgt. Tammy Diedrich. Then it starts to jump around a little. They use a quote from the Target Center spokeswomen, Sandy Sweetser and then go back to the police's quotes, and back to the witness. You only see one other quote from the Target Center spokesperson.

Most of the information is from people. Only the time a person wasn't used as a source was to see how many seats the Target Center holds. The way the attribution is set up isn't too confusing, it just goes back and forth a little. I liked how his lead was eyewitness testimony. I thought it was effective to start the story with someone who was actually there. Then he goes into the facts that came from police. After that, it starts to jump around. It's not really confusing, because you can tell who is saying what. It just goes from person to person. The story also relies pretty heavily on the witnesses testimony, but that could be because the police didn't have much information at the time.