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Two Earthquakes Shake Indonesia

An earthquake Wednesday night and another Thursday morning rocked Indonesia and the island of Sumatra, which was hit by deadly tsunamis in 2004.

The Associated Press reports that five people died and several dozens more were injured in the 8.4 magnitude earthquake on Wednesday. That quake also triggered a small tsunami on the island of Sumatra. Thursday's earthquake was measured at 7.8 magnitude and hit the same area. The quake could even be felt in the neighboring countries of Malaysia and Singapore "where tall buildings swayed."

Wednesday's 8.4 magnitude earthquake was the largest recorded quake of the year, according to Reuters and the U.S. Geological Survey. Their report differs with the AP report, as Reuters is saying that six are dead and 40 are injured, according to Indonesia's Health Ministry crisis center in Jakarta. Reuters also spoke with David Oppenheimer of the USGS who said "the death toll could well rise as authorities take stock of the impact in the light of day."