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First Day and Follow Ups

The story I chose was the story about the threats that were made at St. Louis Park High School in the Star Tribune.

The first day story was about the actual threats that were made at the school and how the administration dealt with them. A rumor was started at the school that something violent was going to happen, and that rumor was broadcast through text messages. The school then added extra security for the next few days. All of this came after a fight last Friday. The follow story was about how the school has been continuing their homecoming events this week.

The two leads don't differ two much. The first day story was straightforward and got to the facts. The follow story was also to the point. The main news in the first day story was summarized pretty tightly. It described what the administration decided to do and summarized the fight that happened. The follow story was a little more like a feature. It summarized the activities the school did for homecoming and how the students were reacting to the events of the past week. At the end, they summarized what had happened this week. The way the follow story advances the is that it describes how the students and faculty have felt about the events of the past week. The first story was all facts. Also, it shows the aftermath of the threats that were made at the school. It shows that they really haven't overshadowed the school's homecoming plans and they are trying to move on.