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What's the deal with event coverage?

Sadly, I decided to pick the first event I saw on the Star Tribune's website. Out of all the events happening in Minneapolis, the one that is on the homepage of the website is the "Hanna Montana" concert happening at the Target Center on Sunday night. After writing a story about Harry Potter and then this, I feel like I'm 13 all over again.

The reporter does not really use any sources. The article is in the entertainment section of the paper, so some of the facts that are used can be easily verified. For example, the reporter says that the actress that plays Hanna Montana, Miley Cyrus, will be greeted by 14,000 fans. That fact can probably be verified by Target Center Officials.

The angle of the story is how many ticket brokers bought up as many tickets as they could and re-sold them, some for even $1,000. Also, the reporter touches on the ideas of how the Disney television show, "Hanna Montana," has become such a craze, and how many adults have no idea what the hell "Hanna Montana" is.

The reporter has created more than a listing by writing about the national controversy that has occurred due to the ticket brokers and online resale stores. The reporter wrote about how four different state attorneys are investigating how some created software that can hijack Ticketmaster's Web site and how tickets sold out literally in seconds. The story also doesn't feel like a listing because of the way the lead was written. It kind of poked fun at the so-called "Hanna Montana" craze.