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What's the deal with press conferences/meetings?

The story I chose was an AP wire story about John Edwards comments made about Hilary Clinton flip-flopping her position about Iran and the press release posted at the John Edwards for President Website.

The press release was a statement made by John Edwards for President communications director. It obviously was pretty biased because it was coming from the Edwards campaign. It basically said Clinton was not being honest about her stance on certain issues. The AP news story was what Edwards himself said at a town hall meeting in New Hampshire. The news report also addressed what other Democratic Presidential candidates voted on a measure to allow President Bush to call the Iranian Revolutionary Guard terrorists. Clinton voted for the resolution while other candidates did not. The news report goes on to say that Edwards blasted Clinton for trying to pander to voters by saying one thing and then saying something totally different. The news report also had comments from the Clinton campaign.

The reporter who wrote the story decided not to use anything in the press release, which is a good thing. Otherwise the story might have seemed biased toward Edwards, because Clinton's campaign only gets one short graph to defend themselves. The reporter mainly focused on what Edwards himself actually said. But the press release basically summed up what Edwards said without all of the rhetoric. The reporter also talked about other candidates which is also good, because then not all of the coverage is going to a few front-runners.