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Musharraf Rounds Up Opposition

Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf, who seized emergency powers earlier this week, rounded up leading opposition party figures Sunday.

According to the NY Times, security forces detained around 500 members of opposing parties, lawyers and human right advocates. Also, the NY Times reports that about a dozen privately owned television news stations were cut off the air. BBC and CNN were also taken off the air. The report seems a little biased, which isn't a surprise coming from the NY Times. The report wrote that this move, "was clearly aimed at preventing public demonstrations that political parties and lawyers were organizing for Monday," without any attribution or fact, just assumption by the reporter. They also report that parliamentary elections will not happen for almost a year.

Musharraf seized power in Pakistan in a military coup in 1999, according to Reuters. Musharraf also has suspended the constitution. Reuters also reports that the groups who were detained believe Musharraf is doing this to pre-empt the Supreme Courts ruling that invalidates his re-election last month. Reuters reports that the Pakistani Government is being pressured by the United States to hold elections by January.