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US Secretly Aids Pakistan to Guard Nukes

The Bush administration has been secretly funding Pakistan over $100 million for the past six years to help President Pervez Musharraf secure Pakistan's nuclear weapons.

The NY Times reports that this information was given to them by current and former senior administration officials. However, the story lacks actual quotes from these officials. They report that the aid was buried in the federal budget and the aid paid for the training of Pakistani personnel in the United States and the construction of a nuclear security training center in Pakistan, which is not yet complete. This story seems a little convoluted because the Times does not attribute a lot of the information to specific sources. They also say they have known about this for three years from talking to American officials and nuclear experts. The Bush administration tried to block the story from being printed because it may have hurt the security of the weapons. The Times decided to release the story since the turmoil in Pakistan's government began earlier this month.

The AFP also reported on the NY Times story. They were told by a White House spokesperson that, "at this time, we believe that Pakistan's nuclear weapons and facilities are under the appropriate control of Pakistani authorities." They also report that the program was created after the 9/11 attacks. They report that the Bush administration was enlisted Musharraf as their chief ally in the "war of terror." They also report that Pakistani media began reporting on this situation earlier in the week and this allowed the NY Times to print the story.