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What's the deal with diversity ?

It seemed hard to find articles about racial diverse groups, but I did just that in the nation section of the Star Tribune.

The article I found was about how nooses are becoming a disturbing trend as a symbol of hate. The reporter mentions cases where nooses were left intentionally as acts of racism. They mention the Jena Six and a noose that was found at Minneapolis Community and Technical College. They also write about how some believe the noose is replacing the burning cross as a symbol of hate. They also discuss the dark history of lynchings and hangings of Black people in America from 1882 to 1968.

I believe the story is very substantive. It has very deep sociological discussions about American society and what using nooses represents to most Black people in America. It also details how many African-American leaders are wanting nooses to be added as part of hate-crime laws. The story tells me a few things I didn't know. One of the was that I didn't know that between 1882 and 1968, there were 4,743 documented lynchings in the United States. Also I never heard the story of how an editor of the college newspaper at MCTC hung a noose in their office as a motivational tool to his staff. He was fired from his position, but was cleared of any bigotry. The reporter does this by just mentioning facts and data, although there is not much attribution.