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What's the deal with them numerals?

The story I chose was a boring NY Times economics story about how Citigroup's chairman Charles O. Prince III stepped down and Robert E. Rubin was named the chairman.

The way numbers are used in the story is to show how much in write-downs the company will have to make, which could range from $8 billion to $11 billion. For those of you who do not know what a write down is, the NY Times dictionary says it is a reduction of the entered value of an asset. They also used numbers to show how much Rubin has made as a board member at Citigroup. They also used numbers to show how much Citigroup's earnings have fallen.

The numbers are not too overwhelming. They are spaced out well throughout the story. However, if you are not great in economics, then you might be confused by what some of the terms mean. The reporter did not have to do any number crunching because all of the figures were public record. The sources of those numbers come from the third-quarter earning reports of that Citigroup released in early October.