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Canadian Pig Farmer Convicted of SIx Murders

A Canadian pig farmer was convicted of second-degree murder in the deaths of six women.

According to the NY Times, the 10-month trial, which featured grisly and horrific evidence, ended with the conviction of Robert William Pickton. Pickton is also being charged with killing over 20 other women and is suspected of killing 50 others, according to the report. The judge limited the first trial to six murders to make it more manageable, but Pickton will be going to trial for the other murders, prosecutors said. During a 19-year period, 61 drug addicted women went missing in the Lower Eastside of Vancouver, British Columbia. Pickton is suspected to have involvement in those cases.

The UK paper, The Guardian, reports that the jury deliberated for 10 days and came back with a guilty verdict. They also report that investigators found human remains on Pickton's farm, including skulls and feet. Pickton was also recorded by an undercover officer in a taped jail conversation saying that he had killed 49 women and planned to make it 50.