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Goodbye Forever 3101 blog!!!!!!!!

Well blog, we've had some good times and we've had our bad times. But like they say, all things that get really old doing every Sunday night at 11:00 p.m. must come to an end.

For my final news analysis of the semester, I have chose a CAR story about the I-35 W bridge collapse. Oddly enough, we talked about this in class. The story is the "13 Seconds in August" story by the Star Tribune.

I actually have explored this story on my own and I found it very interesting. The records and analysis used in the story are the people's stories that are told. They also used records like license plates and car makes and models to find out who these people are so we can here their stories. The reporters also needed hospital records to found out about the injuries sustained by each individual that was on the bridge that day. They also needed police reports to find out what people died, when certain events happened, etc.

The main computer skill that was needed is how to use a Flash player. That is the main portion of the story. Also the reporters also needed to know how to post videos online. Work with digital photography was also a necessity for this type of story.