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U of M Graduation Rates Increase

I guess I was kidding in my last entry about being the last blog ever. So to kick off the last week of blogs, the University of Minnesota, the school I am attending right now actually, graduation rates are rising, but the school is still lagging behind their peers.

According to the Star Tribune, in 2006, over 40 percent of the university's students graduated in four years. The U of M trails its peers in graduating students in six years or less, the report said. The report also said that the U of M compares itself to 10 other peer universities like Wisconsin, Texas and Penn State. The U ranks last in graduating students in six years or less. The school's current five year graduation rate is 57.9 percent, and their six-year rate is 60.8. The ten other universities it compares itself to have five year rates of about 65 percent and six year rates of 70 percent.