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US Conducted Secret Pakistan War Games

US Military experts and intelligence officials met in Washington last year to conduct classified war games, simulating strategies for securing Pakistan's nuclear weapons in case of the collapse of political and military institutions.

The Washington Post reports that a small group of military experts and intelligence officers met last year to conduct the war game. They sought to answer questions about what they would need to help secure Pakistan's nuclear weapons. They tried to answer questions like how many troops they would need, could Pakistan's nuclear bunkers could be protected with land-mines and others. According to one participant of the games, the group came to a conclusion that there is no plausible way to ensure the safety of Pakistan's weapons, and that studying scenarios could strain US-Pakistan relations. The study was not sponsored by the government.

The Dawn, an English language Pakistani newspaper, ran a story about the reaction of some in Pakistan to these war games. Feroz Khan, a former Pakistani Strategic Plans Division officer, said that these games could worsen the situation. Khan said that this antagonized Pakistanis and could cause countermeasures. Others also said that this could cause anti-Americanism in the country.