Controversy over proposed Minnesota wolf hunt continues

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The Minnesota legislature proposed a season for wolf hunting this year, replacing what was initially going to be a five year moratorium after their removal from the Endangered Apecies Act according to KARE 11 (
Delisted in January, the wolf population once down to 300 or 400 wolves, is thought to be up to 3,000.
Animal rights groups, such as Howling for Wolves, and the Ojibwe tribe have come out against the proposed hunting season.
"One of my greatest concerns is if we shoot the alpha males and females," said Robert Shimek, a Ojibwe tribe spokesperson. "We leave pack management up to juveniles." This, some fear, could lead to more problematic wolf packs.
Yet many who have experienced the results of a wolf attack firsthand, such as killings of sheep, cattle or pets, are for the proposed season.

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