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Why do we need Parks?

Unless you are a total hermit and spend all of your n hours inside on a computer, you've probably visited a public park in your time. chances are you enjoyed the nice weather, enjoyed the scenary, or made use of the facilities. Parks are a beautiful thing to have and a privelage to enjoy. But it seems like parks are being overlooked these days. Either they're not getting built at all, they're not taken proper care of, or they're not safe for people to enjoy anymore. This is a definite problem. Withh the ever expanding urban America parks are being pushed out of the picture and the people are paying for it. An article by Richard J. Dolesh, Monica Hobbs Vinluan and Michael Phillips outlines ten reasons as to why we should have parks. These reasons include giving people a place to perform physical activity, a safe place for at-risk youth to play, and a preserved section of mother nature and the animals that inhabit it, among others. Here is a link to the page if you want to check out the article for yourself. http://www.nrpa.org/content/default.aspx?documentId=3749
The fate of public parks falls into the hands of future designers. As they continue to erect buildings up and down the landscape, they musn't forget the importance of the park. Hopefully the designers of the future will value parks as much as i do. -Chris