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It seems that now adays its impossible to go someplace without seeing or hreaing about some new fangled technology thats going to make our lives better. And well for the most part, these new gadgets do make our lives a little easier and make a lot of things less of a hastle. Neil Postman said that we are a "culture overwhelmed with technology." Which is very true. Every student on capmus has a shiny picture phone or a lap top with capabilities ten times that of a desktop of just a few ears ago.
nokia cell phone.jpg Technology is everywhere and its becoming such an integral part of society that without our computers and cell phones, most people wouldn't know how to do anything. Computers and machines seem to be replacing humans at an exponential rate these days and theres no end in site.
robot rickshaw.jpg People can't even pull their own rickshaws anymore. (But i personally thought a human pulling other humans in a rickshaw was a bad idea to begin with)
Even entertainment is becoming dominated by new technologies. Kids don't want to go outside and throw the football around anymore because they can do the same thing, and even the same motion with their Nintendo Wii or Playstation 3.
nintendo wii.jpg I mean we all remember the recent craze for the PS3 release. People camped out for days to get one just to sell it for 4 times the price, and people were buying. Technology has done an infinite amount of good simply in the advances in the medical field and the lives it has saved. This is a point where technology is working with, or against nature.
The human decay and illness is inevitable and in the past was irrevercible. But technology these days is working towards defeating aging and illness all together. Its possible in the future we could abolish disease all together and prolong death for decades. artificial-heart-ch.jpg But how much good would that do? Overpopulation? And then there are the technologies being developed to bend the rules of mother nature. Skyscrapers are being built higher and higher to defy gravity. Bridges are spanning bigger gaps with less support. We're making stronger materials with less in smaller packages. Earth quake proof buildings already exist. Whatever nature has thrown at us we have tried to invent some new technology so we won't have to deal with it. But mother nature is a constant on this Earth, and we will always have to work with it to stay here. Unless of course technology takes us to some other planet, but if thats the case count me out.