November 16, 2007

BA 1001 - Assignment 4

Hi everybody
My name is Laurie and this is my blog for BA 1001, Assignment 4.
I have lived in Minnesota my entire life. I was born in Duluth and grew up in Richfield. I currently live in Bloomington with my fiancee, Trent, and my two daughters, Kassidy (15 yrs.), and Mylie (4 months). Yes, that's right......I have a teenager and an infant.
I first started at the U waaaayyyy back in 1987. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts at completing my degree, I am returning to the U for the 3rd time to get the darn thing done. I am a Sociology-LCD major and if all goes well, I will graduate in Spring 2009. Afterward, I plan to attend law school. I sure hope I can find a law school that will accept a middle-aged mom who took over 20 years to finish her bachelor's degree. Yikes!!!