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"It's Something Like a Phenomena..."

I was watching football the other night when i was thinking about class, and in a weird but somewhat conceivable way, i found that the NFL could be a phenomena. The framework is made up of all the teams, and each team is its own clockwork. The reason that the teams together (or divsions) are a framework, is because they are fixed things that are in an invariant relationship to eachother. They are always constant in that they will be in the same league and they will play against the same teams (unless however there is some new team formed). Then, the teams are each a clockwork. Teams have a fixed number of players that have mutual relationships with eachother, and the changes include trades and drafts, but in the end the same amount of people will always be on the team because of that roster limitation. They are stable and predictable in that you will always know what types and numbers of players will be on the team.

I realize that this seems farfetched, but it really makes sense in its own kind of way. Again, football is made up of frameworks of divisions and teams, while each team is its own clockwork with things (players) on the team. It is therefore a phenomena. Further making sense that it is a phenomena, the NFL has its origins and marked beginnings, it has its duration of the season, there are internal hierarchies (coaches, owners, commisioners), they exhibit changes in rosters, and they have a destination or purpose to get to the Superbowl.

This is all why I believe the NFL is a phenomena, and I hope it makes sense to everyone else as they read my reasonings.

Players are drafted every year.

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Players retire every year.

Brett Favre is the man.