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In Postman's article titled, "Technolopy: The Surrender of Culture to Technology", it is made clear in just the first couple pages what a technolopy is and what exists in it. A technolopy is simply technology becoming so prevailent in our lives, that it is actually what is progressing our status as humans, rather than ourselves. Postman also says straight up that although technology might be becoming too much of an impact in our every day lives, that i could be considered a good thing as well. People can look at it both ways. Quoted directly, "technology giveth and technology taketh away." This means that technology impacts us both positively and negatively in different ways.

Take computres for example. What they have evolved in to, is so much more than what the original inventors thought was possible. Computers were originally made to store information, and that was it. Now a days, one can hve their entire life based off of a computer, and that is both nice and somewhat sad. A person can literally work from their computer, call people from their computer, watch television, read the news, and even shop. The only thing that the person would have to get up for is to get some food. Considering that the majority of people don't actually do this, computers can be considered as a technolopy that has helped us with every day things that we may not have time to do, and that is not a bad thing. It is when people take advantage of this that one can start to imagine the wrongs of such a invention.


Another example of technology taking over in our lives is the decrease of employment needed in a growing amount of factories due to the use of machines. Almost an entire factory can now be based of using computers/machines only. One press of a button and a car hits the assembly line. BOOM! A couple hours (maybe even less) later, a brand new car is ready to hit the market. No human work necessary. Although this helps companies with not having to pay money to a large number of employees and so that they can mass produce much easier and faster, it is taking away jobs that can be done by human hands.


I guess what i got out of the whole article is basically what i've approached above. Technologies are getting bigger and bigger in our every day lives. To some that is great, but to others they think it is unnecessary. My own opinion is this; keep on inventing whatever we can, because we never know when we might actually need it for real. New technologies improve our lifestyles, and researching new things and getting more and more technologically advanced can only help. New inventions lead to even newer inventions, possibly things that we never even imagined were possible.