Analysis: In Dairyland, butter law is a sticking point

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This article from the Star Tribune is pretty much a recap of what happened at the public meeting regarding the butter law.

The butter law, in general terms, requires all restaurants, schools, and prisons to serve butter unless margarine is requested by the customer/student/inmate.

The story's main focus is on impact the repeal of the butter law would have on Wisconsinites. For example, 160,000 jobs at the Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin are supported by the butter law. Restaurants would have the option of only serving margarine. The state could save money by serving less expensive margarine to prisoners.

This article advances the meeting with quotes and predictions of what kind of impact the repeal of the butter law would have. The quotes are from people who attended the meeting and also restaurant owners. It appears that the reporter interviewed restaurant owners in the nearby area and also got quotes from higher ranking officials that were said at the meeting. The reporter also used some "general" knowledge of Wisconsin's history with butter to add some color to the story.

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