Analysis: Iran Escalates Anti-U.S. Rhetoric Over Nuclear Report

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The article I will be analyzing is from the New York Times.

Kayvan thinks that Iranians are not stereotyped as dangerous terrorists in general, but the American media has been trying to push this believe on its people ever since the Iranian Hostage Crisis. After that, the media has continually portrayed Iran as a country that is a threat to world peace.

Kayvan pointed out that this article is a prime example of American media portraying Iran as a dangerous nation with quotes discussing potential nuclear bomb construction. Kayvan noted that this is the same agency, the UN, and the same country, the United States, that were convinced there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq during the reign of Saddam Hussein and used this as a basis for the invasion of Iraq.

Kayvan, like the vast majority of Persians in the United States, identifies himself as a Persian because his culture and heritage is more closely associated with Persia than with present day Iran in the sense that present day Iran is much more religious whereas Persia was a much more secular society. He is also a senior studying Economics at the University of Minnesota.

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