Analysis: Obituary: Ex-KUOM newsman 'could interview anyone'

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Here is the obituary form the Star Tribune about David Olson.

This obituary's lead does not follow the standard template. It starts with a little claim to fame blurb about his long career in broadcast journalism and his love for conversation. In my opinion, the lead works for the obituary because it made me feel like this guy mattered to me even though I had never heard of him before.

The story has the standard lead in it, but it does not appear until the third paragraph.

Many sources are used in this obituary. The first is Stuart Sanders who was a longtime friend and the development director at the radio Station Olson worked for. The second is Steve Senyk, Senate Media Services director at the same radio station. The final source is his wife, Nancy Fushan.

This obituary differs from a resume in several ways. First, it does not include all of this academic and work related accomplishments. It only highlights the most noteworthy ones. Second, the obituary mentions a lot of other activities that Olson enjoyed in addition to his work. Finally, the obituary talks about how he was a good, providing father and husband, something that would not be included in a resume.

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